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Mon Sucré is a French-inspired bakery that creates contemporary, exclusive and minimalist wedding cakes that are a true expression of your story and personality. 
For Gabriela Pinto, the chef in charge, "the flavour of my cakes is my priority and I strive to create pieces of art that are unparalleled in terms of presentation".
Featuring elegant designs, luxurious flavours and products of incomparable quality, Mon Sucré has a single purpose: to make your day memorable!


Born in Brazil, Gabriela began her professional career far from the kitchen, with a degree in Social Communication and a postgraduate qualification in Marketing. After a few years' professional experience in this area, Gabriela took up gastronomy as a hobby and under her father's influence, and the pleasure of seeing her clients' immediate reaction of happiness contributed greatly to this passion. 

Gabriela graduated in Confectionery from the Diego Lozano Confectionery School (Brazil) and the Chocolate Academy Callebaut (Belgium), specialising in Cake Design at Le Cordon Bleu and French Confectionery at the École Lenôtre (France).

She founded the company Cacau Confeitaria (Brazil), where she was a pastry chef, did gastronomic consultancy for companies, was a chef instructor in schools and school hotels, developed and directed online courses in the area, and developed a higher education teaching course in gastronomy.

In Portugal, Chef Gabriela Pinto is recognised for the innovative creations of her brand "Mon Sucré", a classic French-inspired confectionery, committed to culinary excellence, which is achieved by perfecting processes and techniques, using the best ingredients and preferring local products.

Chef Gabriela Pinto
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